Hunterdon County Community Partnerships

When we originally took on the leadership for the fresh produce distribution program several years ago our key partners were in place.  Americas Grow A Row (AGAR) being the main partner.  Additionally the location we were distributing from was also considered a partner.  Overtime as the program has grown new partners have come to the table and agreed to work with us on this growing project.  Most partnerships evolved from basic needs – A bigger more convenient distribution site, an additional distribution site, off season produce availability, general support and marketing.

In our current project which is an expansion site, our partners include AGAR, the Evangel Chapel of Clinton, NJ, and El Quetzal Convenience Store.  The Evangel Chapel serves as our main distribution site.  El Quetzal has helped us promote our new site as they serve our target population and have a strong connection to the community. AGAR continues to provide us with the fresh produce.

Our volunteer base comes from many areas.  YMCA employees that want to volunteer, recipients of the fresh produce, community members that have heard about our project and want to help, high school students that need to achieve volunteer hours, service groups, clubs or churches that want to help and a variety of others.

Because our project is led through the YMCA our Board of Trustees support and are committed to the success of this initiative.  Throughout the year the Board receives an update on the project and provided the opportunity to share feedback and suggestions.  Our Board consists of many community leaders including John King who is a county Freeholder.

Links to our partner websites.


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