It takes a Village…

The key Partner Organizations involved in the establishment of the Nutley Community Gardens are, The Nutley Health Department, The Nutley Department of Public Works, Greenutley and the AmVets. Our reasons for recruiting these particular partners is a simple one…They were ready and willing to work with us…plus they all have a solid track record for getting things done!

For quite some time the topic of installing a community garden in Nutley has been discussed, but the issue of a location has always been problematic, putting a kibosh on further discussion and planning.  During a conversation with a colleague, the garden and the problem of finding a location came up.  Within a day, he came back to me with the offer of leasing a stretch of land that belongs to the Nutley AmVets, where he is an active member.

We jumped at the chance to partner with the AmVets on this venture.  They are a wonderful, well established organization in the township, with great leadership and history of community service.  We knew that we would need additional assistance in getting this project off the ground, and immediately called upon the Greenutley Committee.  Greenutley has a very large and active membership with some real movers and shakers among them.

Our key volunteers include Commissioner Steven Rogers (Nutley Health Department) and Commissioner Joseph Scarpelli (Nutley Department of Public Works), Master Gardeners Michael Schop and Liz Liloia, and Greenutley members Meredith Blank and Tara Spinelli.

Through a united effort between the Amvets , Greenutley and the Nutley Health Department, we were able to gather a group of volunteers to start cleanup of the site, cutting down the brush around the perimeter of the garden site.  It was a beautiful morning and our volunteers worked swiftly and methodically.  It was a huge help and, I suppose, the unofficial volunteer kick off to help get this garden off the ground.

Commissioner Rogers and Commissioner Scarpelli, both of whom who are Board of Commissioner members for the Township of Nutley, are strong supporters of this initiative and have been truly instrumental in the positive progress of the garden thus far.

To learn more about our partners, please follow the links below:

Nutley Health Department –

Nutley Department of Public Works –

Greenutley –

AmVets –


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