A visit to the farm

DSC_0067We started this month with a visit to our farm, Willowbrook Farm.  Our farmer, Karen, has been working very hard with her crew to produce some pretty impressive healthy foods for our members.  On our visit the three families who are receiving the weekly produce were able to walk the farm and see where their veggies would be growing.  DSC_0072There were also some quick facts regarding the many different types of produce the farm would be growing this season. DSC_0081Since the members visited, the veggies are a plenty up here in Sussex County, with great thanks going to Willowbrook Farms!  Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) recipients have been enjoying amazing bounties of vegetables each week this month.  They have enjoyed cabbage, sweet peppers, sage, lettuce, snap peas, Swiss chard, radishes and more each and every week.


Our farmer, Karen. She is making a difference in the lives of each of our participants by growing healthy and nutritious meal options. Thanks so much Karen!


P.L.A.A.Y. time with our community partners!

The P.L.A.A.Y. (Promoting Lifelong Activity among Adults and Youth) Shaping NJ Grant is pleased to have the following partners.  This blog post is a focus on our partners:

20150613_110615 Burlington Health Dept Pic

  • Burlington County Health Department, Dr. Holly Funkhouser, Public Health Officer and Aditi Bothra, Community Health Educator. The health department plays vital role in the overall health of the community in Burlington County New Jersey. The C.H.I.P. (Community Health Improvement Plan) for Burlington County includes the P.L.A.A.Y grant. This partnership provides direct communication with the community and an avenue to produce positive community health outcomes and to promote a culture of Health.

20150613_110717 Willingboro Rec Dept Pic

  • Willingboro Recreation & Parks Department, Kendall Brunson, Director and our home town hero. This department is committed to promoting health, wellness and fitness in Willingboro, New Jersey. The JF Kennedy Center located at 429 JF Kennedy Way houses a variety of wellness and fitness activities for the entire family. This partnership provides an opportunity to work and partner with city officials regarding the health and wellness of the community.


20150613_111635 - Willingboro High School Drumline

  • Pi Mu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. The sorority is dedicated to community service and promoting wellness. The sorority’s 2014-2018 international focus is “Launching New Dimensions of Service℠ which includes 1. Educational Enrichment, 2. Health Promotion, 3. Family Strengthening, 4. Environmental Ownership and 5. Global Impact.” Pi Mu Omega chapter of AKA is active in the community and fulfilling the mission of the sorority. This partnership offers community involvement and a direct local connection with people that live in Burlington County.

20150613_100741 Willingboro Fire Department Pic

  • G3 Health & Fitness, Cynthia Carpenter and Victoria Goyins. G3 offers a youth fit club for boys and girls 8 to 12 years old. This program includes fitness, fun and an opportunity to try new foods. The motto is “Get Moving, Get Knowledge, Get Healthy & Strong”. G3 programs are offered at the JF Kennedy Center in Willingboro, New Jersey. This partnership offers a direct connection with youth and families that live and play in Burlington County.

20150613_110702 G3 Health & Fitness

IMG_2640 G3 Fitness Hula Hoop

  • Chef Delilah Winder and Chef Dante Foggy – Both chefs are Food Network Champions and Winners! The chefs are an asset to our nutrition component of the grant. The chefs help us to reach people of all ages and provide expert food knowledge on how to create delicious healthy food without added sugar, salt or fat. During our cooking demonstrations participants learn how to turn avocados in to chocolate pudding, fresh fruit in to cool smoothies and beans in to a easy to make hummus.

IMG_2656 Chef Dante


Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Last week the Atlantic City High School Alternative School in Atlantic City held an all-day health fair that was attended by the entire student body (65 students). The high school set up several classrooms as stations where medical students from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and representatives from the Atlantic City Health Department presented different health topics, including BMI and blood pressure, HIV, substance abuse, diabetes, cholesterol, hygiene, nutrition, obesity and vitamins. Following a nutritious lunch, where students were able to try “green smoothies” prepared by AtlantiCare staff, they went to each room to hear the medical students’/health department’s presentations. As part of the nutrition, obesity and vitamins station students played a roulette-type game where they were able to answer questions about the benefits of adding fruits and vegetables to their diets. Students had to identify vegetables and fruits that might not be in their diet. Students were excited not only for a non-typical school day but also an opportunity to learn about health and wellness. This event received very positive feedback from students and staff.

Let’s move dirt!

With good results from our soil tests, we are getting ready to till and treat the soil with the assistance of the Morris County Park Commission so we can start planting. Fencing plans are also in the works. Volunteers are being recruited and our non-profit partners are excited. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty!

Environmental Change in Action

Moving from unhealthy food options at the church to making the healthy choice the easy choice

Here are some pictures of the food served yesterday during the Truth For Living course “Living Faith The Healthy Way”.

Topics covered: How to get 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables (displayed in 1 meal), serving sizes (using actual visuals like: baseball = 1c serving of romaine or spinach, computer mouse = 1/4c of whole grains like Quinoa, egg = serving of mixed nuts, deck of cards = 1serving of meat protein, 4 dice = 1oz serving of dairy, 6oz = 1serving of fruit in juice.

The pasta sauce was made of 4 ingredients: diced tomatoes, fat free low sodium chicken broth, cloves of garlic, and onions.

The class participants were amazed at the flavor and the reduced amount of sugar and sodium that can be achieved by making your own sauce versus purchasing a jar of sauce.

They were also impressed with how easy it is to actually get your 5-9 daily servings of fruit and vegetables.

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