Expanding to a new location

As our fresh produce distribution site in Flemington grew and the dynamics of the program evolved and we saw the opportunity to further help people in our community.  Our Flemington site serves a target population within our community that reside in a food desert area.  It’s success led us to adding in wellness options, community information and relationship building.  This success prompted us to seek new opportunities. 

As we began the venture of expanding into Clinton we were aware of the needs and challenges of our target population (Transportation, work hours and general fears and trust issues with the unknown).  

By expanding our produce distribution site to Clinton, NJ we are hoping to have similar success to our Flemington site.  Our intent is to broaden our distribution of fresh produce in partnership with America’s Grow a Row (AGAR), serving new people in the Clinton area that without our support would struggle to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  

After much leg work and relationship building (trust building) we offered/ hosted our first distribution day on 1/5.  At this point we had not fully secured a weekly site and were working with a local store that services our target population allowing us to build trust.  Our first day served 5 people with 3 full boxes of produce from AGAR. 

To date we have hosted 11 days of produce distribution in Clinton with an average service of 6 people per day.  We have ranged from 0 participants (due to poor weather) to 11.  On average we provide 5.6 boxes of fresh produce.  People are able to pick and choose which products they are interested in.  We have had available anywhere from 3 to 16 boxes available for people to pick from.