Look How Far We Have Come!

The infrastructure improvements we have made to our Community Center floor have greatly enriched the programs that we offer in that room. Our goal from the beginning was to offer a larger variety of wellness and fitness programs. We here at Eatontown Recreation can proudly say that we have reached that goal.

Our existing programs such as Zumba have increased in the number of classes we offer. This then has produced more participants in these programs. Our Yoga and Low Impact Aerobic classes have doubled in the number of participants. We adhere this positive change to the fact that the floors are now more “fitness” friendly then our previous carpeted floors.

Challenges we faced were shutting down our programs for a short period of time to construct the floor. Another challenge has been to preserve the floor by not letting the chairs that are used during meetings to scratch the floors. After purchasing “gliders” for the bottom of the chairs, we believe this problem has been rectified.
So where do we see ourselves next you ask? Going forward we hope to add even MORE fitness/wellness programs to this building space. By always staying innovative, we are constantly looking for the latest fitness trends that could possibly lead residents into making the first ‘step’ towards a healthier lifestyle.




Peace, Love, and Yoga



b61When you think of Summer Camp, you probably have something in mind such as children playing outside, sunny days, popsicles, and sprinklers. Pretty close, right? Well now paint this picture… children ranging from grades Kindergarten to Sixth grade enjoying a session of Yoga inside, sitting/posing peacefully while tranquil music plays. Not your average thought of Summer Camp, right?

Eatontown Community Center’s full day, eight week, Summer Camp decided to mix it up this year! The results? AMAZING! When putting together the Summer Camp calendar of events in early Spring, a few more active, fitness related programs were thrown into the mix. The initial suggestion of Yoga had mixed reviews. What if the children do not like it? What if they have trouble sitting still? What if they get bored? What if it is too hard? Putting all fears aside, the Eatontown Community Center decided to go for it and hired a certified Yoga instructor to teach classes throughout the eight week program.

Campers were introduced to a beginner’s yoga with tranquil music, peaceful lighting, and an instructor who showed Yoga can be fun and is great for your health! The instructor began class with more kid friendly poses in which she related them to animals and bugs. She mentioned that Yoga is fun and can be an awesome workout. In fact, anyone from NBA players to pro golfers practice Yoga to better their health or to optimize their skills. All fears were put aside as campers sat still, stayed attentive and engaged, and best of all left the first class eager to know when the next class would be!

Sometimes taking risks with programs is very much worth the reward. And even if we do not have future yogis on our hands, at least a new form of fitness has been introduced to these children that will be carried through the rest of their lives.

Healthy Eats





Candy or an apple? Ice cream or vegetables? Decisions, decisions.

Eatontown Community Center Preschool, as part of the Eatontown Recreation and Community Services Department, recently took a field trip to learn about healthier eating options. Believing that 3 and 4 year olds can benefit from smart food choices, the Eatontown Preschool visited a local grocery store. Stop and Shop® provides a Kid Healthy Ideas Program in which groups, starting at the Preschool age are toured around the grocery store to learn about different healthy foods.

The program focused on nutrition, our environment where food comes from, and overall wellness related topics. When children first arrived they were quizzed what healthy foods are. A tour was then offered throughout the entire store, aisle through aisle, in which healthier options were pointed out. Children were encouraged to ask questions. This grocery store made it a point to explain to the children that healthy eating choices can be easy and fun. Our preschoolers were able to sample fruits, vegetables, healthy grains as well as many other foods. For some, it was the first time they had such foods, as they asked excitedly for more. It was clear for most of the preschoolers that this was their favorite part!

Children were encouraged to go home and talk with their families about what they had learned on this field trip. Eatontown Preschool hopes that this program, along with lesson plans taught at the school, will provide an education for children at an early age. These baby steps (or Preschool steps if you will) are being made to help grow a healthier tomorrow.

Reach for the Gold!




gl7Eatontown Recreation has launched a new program called the Golden Laces Campaign in which residents receive a pair of athletic shoe laces for free. In this campaign, residents receive a pair of “Golden Laces” when signing up and attending a class. The classes residents can choose from include a free historic walking tour as part of the “Be Historically Fit” program. Residents are given a map with historical landmark information that guides them through a self-guided historic tour through Eatontown. Other classes offered are Low Impact Aerobics, Parent & Me Yoga, Training for the 5K/Fitness Walk, Vinyasa Yoga, Women’s Tennis, and Zumba.

Eatontown Recreation believes there are many factors that lead to achieving wellness. The goal is to start a Borough wide initiative that can lead to a happier and healthier community. Eatontown Recreation wants to give away as many sets of shoe laces as there are residents. The attached pictures include the Eatontown Community Center Preschool receiving there Golden Laces after completing a Zumba class. Eatontown Recreation believes that these special laces will aid in town-wide recognition of our new wellness initiative, reaching all generations.

Why not reach for the Gold?

Let the Good Times Bowl!

The members of our Adult Program at the Borough of Eatontown love to stay active and have fun at the same time. While utilizing the community center room where most of the adult programs are held, these residents participate in the growing number of programs offered. Such programs include Low Impact Aerobics, Healthy Bones, and Zumba.

Members also like leaving the building to participate in sports and other fitness activities. Our adult members enjoy such activities as walking or mini golf. As seen in these pictures, a favorite trip of these members is to go bowling.

The nostalgia of lacing up bowling shoes and hearing the “kaboom” of pins falling from a strike are the reasons most of these residents have been coming back every month. Not to mention the bowling center plays all the ‘hits’ dating back to the 50s, making sitting still between turns hard to do. Between bopping and grooving to the beats and laughing at the strikes (or gutter balls!) who knew keeping active could be so enjoyable? Our offsite bowling program is a prime example of keeping adults active in a social setting.

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So, ‘spare’ us any excuse as to why fitness cannot be fun! As our residents like to say… Let the Good Times Bowl!