The Shaping a Green Bergen Garden Grows Hot Stuff & Greens

Despite a series of unanticipated set-backs, the Shaping a Green Bergen Coalition was able to plant and harvest the first of its four student-constructed, raised garden beds!


Students Begin Working on Our First Raised Bed

Lettuce, mums and a variety of peppers – hot, red peppers included – were planted and have made their way into the lunch bowls of students and staff alike.  The lettuce has also proven to be a favorite of our local deer population, who we hope will be foiled by the installation of a fence before the next growing season!

image 2

Lettuce, Mums & Hot Red Peppers

Garden growth is supported by composters and rain barrels provided by the Bergen County Utility Authority, one of our valued partners.  Students and staff installed both composters and rain barrels and monitor their use as a key component of sustainable gardening.

Rain Barrels

Sustaining the Garden with Rain Water

Rain water proved sufficient for our current garden, but ongoing expansion calls for the design of alternative methods to supply water during long dry spells.  In the coming year, the Shaping a Green Bergen Coalition will expand the garden by an additional three raised beds and finish construction and planting of its native species trailer-garden. Future plans include the development of alternative, environmentally friendly water sources, the installation of fencing and walkways between beds, and the creation of a wildflower meadow and a walking trail around the meadow — all with the intent of building new opportunities for the the Bergen Tech and Special Service School community to walk more and continue to develop healthy eating habits. 


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