Wonderful Ending to a Wonderful Program

We here at East Orange Community Development Corporation-EOCDC (soon to be known as “Horizon of Hope of the Oranges, A Family Care Center”, have truly enjoyed being a part of such a worthwhile project.  Health, health education, nutrition, nutritional food products, exercise, initiating exercise routines, gardening and growing healthy,nutritional foods that benefit our bodies have all been a part of the message EOCDC is spreading to its communities.  Developing partnerships with Our Lady Help of Chrisitians School to do the community garden and helping to get our communities healthy through our Nutrition Classes, food pantry and exercise classes has been an exciting journey. Collaborating with our local and municipal entities as well as the community has opened the opportunity to develop positive relationships and parternerships.

We have waiting lists for the Nutrition Classes as a result of former participants passing the word throughout the community. Our participation rate has doubled and our food pantry participate access has tripled since we began in February 2015.

We are excited to begin our community garden next Spring and looking to build a green house within the garden to grown veggies and fruit all year long. There is plenty of space and the community participates who will be volunteering are anxious to begin.  We are seeking assistance for this project from Rutgets 4H Club and our local vendors. The photos below show the lot before we got in there and began the cutting, raking, mowing process and the lot once we finished. This has been a wonderful ending to a wonderful program that is really just beginning.

communitygarden2-BeforeAfter-community garden 4


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