Lincoln Park Seniors Rock the Path!

pic1This final blog is a little late but for good reason….I waited until our “September Stroll” to post.  The first day of Autumn was picture perfect!  The sun was bright, sky was blue and the temperature mild.  A good part of the spring and summer were spent building this path in Lynn Park and now it was officially being inaugurated with our Lincoln Park Seniors.  We were hoping for at least 10 seniors to show up, but happily had 37 seniors plus many other walkers!  The Health Educator from Chilton Hospital’s New Vitality Program, Kathy Ferrara, ShopRite’s Registered Dietitian, Danielle Colombo, and Bloomfield Health Department’s Health Educator, Michael Hodges, were all present to support and educate on the many benefits of walking.  Michael Hodges presented a David Letterman-style “Top Ten” countdown of the benefits of walking.  We also had the pleasure of Kate Kraft walking with us!  It was a fun way to start our Senior Walking Club!  The walking club will meet 2-4 times/month, but many seniors and residents are already using the path on their own.


Our food environment audit was performed at 16 local dining and retail establishments in Lincoln Park.  We found some positive factors, such as heart healthy options, organic choices and nutritional counseling in ShopRite, but there is definitely room for improvement.  Future goals for ShapingNJ include partnering with Wolfson’s Market to create a “corner store,” and creating healthy menu items for some of the local dining establishments.  Kate Kraft had some great recommendations on healthy eating as well as “walking prescriptions,” that we can incorporate going forward.

pic6This has been a wonderful experience for Lincoln Park and we look forward to keeping the momentum going towards better health!


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