Woodbridge Wraps Up Shaping NJ Grant

20150616_180743     Woodbridge completed their ShapingNJ grant initiative this month. The Food Pantry Nutrition Program had great success. The Registered Dietician made 10 visits 20150616_174605to the food pantries and she provided nutritional educational outreach to many of their clients. The My Plate educational program was held for seven of the food pantry volunteers. While cooking demonstration by Wegman’s Food Markets was held at Public Health Day. Food tasting by NJ SNAP-ED was held at the Kids Day Out event at Parker Press. In addition, 964 nutritional information flyers were distributed throughout the grant period. A healthy donation handout was also developed for the food pantries to distribute to the community through their locations. A pre and post assessment survey was provided to residents who use the 2 selected food pantries. The results indicated that more residents were reading nutrition labels, especially for sodium. In addition residents were making better use of foods received in regard to healthier eating.

Our walking path and bike rack initiative has seen tremendous response from the community. We participated in the Middlesex County Greenway Walk held June 16, 2015. Sixty participants attended the event. In addition, a new walking path was installed at the Woodbridge Health Center that now completes a loop around the fields next to the Health Center. Almost immediately, many residents and employees have begun using the path. Five bike racks have been acquired and are currently being installed at various sites including the Evergreen Youth Center. Our Walking brochure was developed and distributed to strategic locations within the Township to highlight our walking paths throughout the Township. The walking assessment survey was utilized and distributed randomly at the Senior Center, Youth Center and Municipal Alliance meeting. A total of 141 surveys were completed. The results indicated that adult residents identified walking paths close to where they live and the youths surveyed were cognizant of school walking path sites. One resident indicated that markers should be provided at Evergreen Center walking path. Our final event will be an awareness event with the Mayor and the students that attend the Youth Center. The event is scheduled for Thursday September 24, 2015 to encourage use of the new bike rack installed at that location.



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