The Westside Park Group Grows and Plans for the future!

Another year is coming to an end but with it comes lessons learned and bigger plans for the future.  This past year saw the Westside Park Group grow adding two community gardens to this cooperative effort.  School #12 and the Hillcrest Community Garden joined the effort to share ideas, supplies, knowledge, restore “pride in the Westside” and engage area residents in activities that would give them the opportunity to socialize, exercise and feel included in the community.  Learning and sharing about planting, nurturing the crops and harvesting the “fruits of their labors” in the fall is an added bonus.

Some things that we wished to accomplish have been extended into next year.  For example as “newbies” in organizing a farmer’s market we didn’t realize that you really need to “nail down” farmers and merchants the year before.  Flyers were created and disseminated at this year’s surrounding towns farmers markets to keep us in mind for Thursdays in 2016 (May – October).

The walking path sign holders were a bit more complicated and difficult to assemble and install.  That coupled with the heat and humidity, lack of rainfall (to soften the ground) and time it takes to install one sign holder, leaves us still assembling and installing.

We’ve learned that we need to have a log of “water bearers” for the summer months and contact information to remind them of their duties.

All in all we continue to move in a fantastic direction!  We will celebrate with a “Fall Festival” on October 17th and conceptualize our plans and ideas for 2016!

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About rregenburgh

In the time that I've worked for the City of Paterson I've seen Health Education go from treating to preventing! It's so much better to get people involved in "hands on" activities like gardening, walking and socializing!

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