Success, Partnerships and Growth

We are pleased to share that with the success of our Flemington distribution site and the Clinton site that other communities and partners have reached out to us for information on how to begin their own programs and or requests for us to expand our program to their site.

During the implementation of the expanded Clinton site it became evident that we were able to further reach people if targeting direct populations through existing programs.  With the abundance of produce we were receiving we began to partner with St. Magdalen’s Catholic church in Flemington.  We targeted a specific Mass that served a number of people that we believed may be in need fresh produce.  This of course was done with much discussion between our YMCA staff and the pastor.  Today this site has become another weekly distribution location.

We also continue to build our partnership with Americas Grow A Row and other agencies by providing reciprocal volunteering.  Last week our “Togetherhood” program ventured out to the farm for several hours of harvesting.  A few weeks earlier several YMCA staff gathered to volunteer at the United Way of Hunterdon “BIG BUILD” day at their new volunteer center.  Both of these agencies are key partners in implementing the weekly distribution programs.


YMCA “Togetherhood” volunteers helping at America’s Grow A Row

Most recently Gabriela Bonnavent who has been the driving force behind this program was asked to mentor an individual in Pennsylvania who is interested in launching a similar program at a free farm market.

What is it that they say?  “The greatest compliment is someone that copy’s you” or is it “there is no reason to recreate the wheel”  Either way we love to share our stories and help others to serve and succeed.


Some of the YMCA volunteers that helped at United Way of Hunterdon’s “BIG BUILD” day at their new volunteer center – Pictured – Jenn Attridge, Frank Barlow, Bonnie Duncan (CEO of United Way of Hunterdon), Bruce Black, and Gabriela Bonnavent


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