A Bountiful Harvest

What a wonderful journey we have been on this last year as school employees, community members and students have worked together to establish a Children’s Garden. Since the inception of Project Greenway, what was once a basic stretch of land is now transformed into a thriving garden. The area not only draws the attention of all passerby, thanks to its colorful fence, creative decor and thriving plants, but it has also developed a deeper understanding in our students regarding the value of a garden. Not only are our children learning to appreciate the wonders of the life cycle, they are learning to enjoy vegetables straight from the picking. In addition, numerous community members have come together to support the garden and the education it provides. It is an exciting time as we have joined together for the betterment of all National Park residents.

As we enter year two of Project Greenway, we will continue to teach our students through hands on experiences in the garden and by providing opportunities to consume fresh produce. We are working to establish walking events to decrease traffic and increase physical activity. We are so proud of the great work already accomplished and what is sure to come. What a bountiful harvest we have already enjoyed!

IMG_3913   IMG_3917


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