Partnerships are Key

Launching a new project (Produce Distribution)  into a community that has no similar program or current base and which has never been done before was a small challenge but, it became clear quickly as the connections and networking began that local businesses, agencies, organizations and individual people would be supportive.  The key was to build relationships and trust which led to partnerships.

After a few weeks of consistent service and a strong presence within the community we were able find a suitable site for ongoing distribution.  Although it was much appreciated that the El Quetzal store allowed us to launch from their site we knew that we needed to find a more appropriate longer term site.  Thus began the relationship between the YMCA Produce Distribution program and the Evangel Church of Clinton, NJ. EvangelClinton[1]

The continued success of this project will be the growing communication circle which truly is word of mouth.  Although we do post signage outside our new location spreading the word will need to come from the participants and we have already begun to see that occur.

In addition to establishing a new partnership with the Clinton Evangel Church it is the support of  America’s Grow a Row, United Way, Panera Bread and other organizations that allow us to move this project forward.  Without their support this program would not be able to be offered.


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