Let’s P.L.A.A.Y….. Burlington County SUCCESS!

The Burlington County Community Action Program Head Start and Early Head Start along with our community Partners have successfully established:

  • Strong Community Partnership
  • Diverse Network of Partners
  • Inspired vision for future health, wellness, nutrition and fitness projects.
  • Started discussions to explore a safe street project in Burlington City, New Jersey and how to create safer walking and biking along Route 130
  • IMG953018
  • Increased knowledge about the importance of increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Community members learned how to make new and exciting snacks and healthy smoothies. In addition, we promoted drinking water as beverage with meals and for proper hydration
  • 0414151238 (1)
  • Created a community group that will annually promote National Get Outdoors Day at Mill Creek Park in Willingboro, New Jersey
  • Gave way free bike helmets and provided child seat safety information in partnership with the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department.
  • IMG_2640 G3 Fitness Hula Hoop
  • Provided a variety of wellness, fitness and nutrition information at P.L.A.A.Y. events!
  • Promoted outdoor play and activity for “all” ages. Promoted jumping rope, hula hoops and other inexpensive activities.
  • Promoted local community parks which provide a variety of “free” activities.
  • Ground breaking at Mill Creek Park for new swing set that included Willingboro Township Officials. (Swing Set installation will be complete in September and an official community ribbon cutting ceremony will take place.)
  • IMG_2614

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