The Westside Park Group is Receiving the “Green Your City Award”!

City Green is proud to announce that the Westside Park Group will be awarded the “Green Your City Award” at City Green’s 6th Annual Greenest Place in Paterson Garden Contest Awards Ceremony on September 10th, 2015 at 6pm in the Learning Garden at Eastside Park, Paterson, NJ.

The Greenest Place in Paterson Garden Contest honors residents, organizations and community groups who work to green and beautify Paterson through their gardening efforts. Throughout the past 6 years, over 100 individuals, churches municipal workers and businesses have participated in the Garden Contest and each year we award the “Green Your City” award to those whose greening and gardening efforts go above and beyond their own garden. This year City Green has selected the Westside Park Group as the recipient of the award in the “Green Your City” category to celebrate and recognize the unique contributions that the WPG has made to the entire Westside of Paterson.
Made up of a diverse group of school and community gardens, the WPG embodies the “Green Your City” spirit with their dedication to building community and creating educational opportunities through greening, gardening, and beautification projects. The WPG and all other winning gardeners will receive their awards at the Greenest Place in Paterson Garden Contest Award Ceremony on September 10th at 6pm at the City Green Learning Garden.

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In the time that I've worked for the City of Paterson I've seen Health Education go from treating to preventing! It's so much better to get people involved in "hands on" activities like gardening, walking and socializing!

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