Woodbridge Programs Make an Impact!


Entrance to Middlesex County Greenway.


The nutrition and walking path projects in Woodbridge Township are creating positive impacts in the community. One of the successes in the nutrition project has been the strong interest and cooperation gained from the area Food Pantries. Volunteers within the Food Pantries are now regularly reviewing the food nutrition labels prior to distribution to clients. In one instance, a Pantry found an interesting difference between two labels of seemingly the same product when two jars of Peter Pan peanut butter were donated. It was found that one jar made a claim to be a healthier than the other jar. However, after inspecting the labels of each it was found that the jar claiming to be healthier was not as healthy as the other without the claim. The lesson the Pantry learned is that we should always refer to the nutrition facts on the package not the claims on the label.

Our walking path initiative has received great support from the Township and the community. The Middlesex County Greenway Walk on June 16 was a tremendous success. There were about 60 participants that started to walk the Greenway when inclement weather occurred. Many participants waited for the rain to end and walked the trail even though many were drenched. That is commitment!

We completed a pathway between the Woodbridge Health Center and the Woodbridge High School so that the path now forms a complete loop of 1/4 mile. Almost immediately afterwards I was getting feedback from local residents that they thought the new path was a great idea and they were already using it. In fact, shortly after completion of the new path, as I walked into the Health Center from the parking lot I spotted a jogging taking advantage of the newly created path. The new path is quietly gaining attention from the community even though we have yet to publicize it. Residents and employees alike have found it anyway and are using it! Now that’s a success and an impact!

Runner using new Path at Health Center

New walking path between Health Center and High School


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