Keeping the heart healthy one meal at a time

HEART-FRUIT-AND-VEG-COMP_editThrough out this summer our families have been receiving some incredible produce from their CSA shares from Willow Brook Farms.   That is the easy part, unless you ask our farmer Karen, she may have a different thought. The next step for our families has been taking all the ingredients to creating simple meals that are not only flavorful but also packed with necessary vitamins and nutrients.

ChardOne super green our families have been enjoying each and every week is Swiss chard.   This vegetable has large green leaves (similar to spinach and kale) and vibrant colored stalks of red, white and yellow. For some, this vegetable is a new experience as it was for our CSA families.

Since this is a staple produce from Willow Brook Farms we had our families try a couple different recipes for Swiss chard. Find the recipe here. The families agreed, the sooner you cook the chard the better the flavor of the side. Either way, however, this is still a vegetable jam packed with phytonutrients, which have been found to even regulate blood pressure!

Our families were amazed how the food they choose to eat have such an impact on not only their body but their families as well. Finding simplicity in the preparation of fresh ingredients was important to all of our families. They all agree, once they found how simple it was to get a flavorful meal preparation was a snap.


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