Our town of Dover is becoming a better place to exercise and live healthier thanks to Shaping Dover. This grant has inspired us not only to have places where we could find healthier food options but it has also inspired us to move! Shaping Dover has helped us to create a fitness workshop that has been a great success in our community. The fitness workshop has had more than 20 attendees who have been coming weekly or biweekly to exercise while having fun!

The fitness workshop has been given by our volunteer Humberto Castrillon, a certified personal trainer who has been a great supporter of our initiative. The Morris County Family Success Center has been surprised of how many people have showed interest in joining our classes. Participants are beyond excited about exercising while learning safety techniques and practices which can be followed through at home. One of our most eager participants is Carmen Roibal, who happily shared with us some of her thoughts about our fitness workshop. Before the workshop Carmen had never exercised besides doing an occasional walk.

Blog 7 Carmen

Due to our overwhelming response our space has become small for the classes. Therefore, we are in the process of combining forces with the Town of Dover Mayor’s office in order to take our fitness workshop a step further.  We hope to take our classes to our towns’ parks and/or recreational center.

Come join us for some fun!

Blog 7 Fitness


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