A September Stroll

The path construction is complete and now the planting begins! Almost done!

Lincoln Park will be adding beautiful flora in locations along the path as well as 2 park benches for those who need to rest along the way.  A boulder with a plaque will greet travelers who decide to embark on the path.  It will read:

The Path

“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads”

To kick off our new walking/running path, we will host a “September Stroll” for our Lincoln Park Senior Citizens Club.  Each senior that participates will receive a pedometer at the beginning of the stroll and light refreshments at the end.  We are hoping to encourage the continuation of a senior walking club with this inauguration!

Tom, Kathy and Rick

Our Food Environment Assessment was well-received by the retail and dining establishments in Lincoln Park.  Because of this audit, we have identified two areas going forward to partner and add healthier options for consumers.  It is wonderful to live or work in a small community where people know your name and are always obliging to help make it a better place.  We are very grateful to ShapingNJ and the Atlantic Health System in making Lincoln Park a healthier community!


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