The Nutley Community Garden has experienced so many successes in so many different ways, that it is very difficult to choose just one, but if pressed, I would have to say that the comradery among the gardeners is number one.

Our participants are bonding with one another and forging friendships that they probably would never have had the opportunity to do so in any other setting.

It has been so rewarding to see residents, that have never met before, making plans to meet up and take part in classes outside the garden, or stay long after an event is over just to relax, talk and enjoy one another’s company.

This week we conducted our first “harvest” of the season, and that was a huge success as well. Everyone was so proud of what they have accomplished over the past several weeks and were so very happy to be a part of an initiative that gives back to the community in which they live.photo_081215

We are fortunate enough to count a Master Gardener among our Nutley Community Garden members, as well as have access to two wonderfully helpful Nutley residents that are also Master Gardeners. Having these resources at our fingertips has proven to be invaluable towards the success of the garden and is a great source of incentive for our gardeners.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I suspect we all feel the same way, this entire experience has been filled with one success after another. From the planning and installation of the gardens themselves, to the knowledge that has been shared and learned, to the beautiful crops being produced and distributed to the community at large, it has been a pleasure every step of the way!

To some, success is just a word, but to the members of the Nutley Community Garden it is a tangible goal that we have all shared, nurtured and helped blossom.

1139photo (00000005)



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