Strong Parterships and Relationships Help to Expand Outreach

Gabriela Bonnanvent, HCYMCA Bi-Lingual Coordinator met with Sally Zeiner, Educational Programming Associate from America’s Grow A Row to discuss the logistics, plans and successes of the Clinton, NJ produce distribution site.

In conversation the two reflected upon the start of the program and the successes and challenges that have presented themselves.

Originally, the produce that was provided to the Monday participants was from the Flemington, NJ produce distribution site which was excess product from the weekend.

As time continued an opportunity presented itself (In March) to collect additional produce from America’s Grow A Row due to another unrelated program ceasing their pick-up of their designated produce.  At the time it was anticipated that this group would again begin to pick-up their designated produce.  This however has not occurred and Sally believes that we can continue to take advantage of the opportunity.

With this opportunity came an abundance of excess produce on Monday (similar to our Flemington, NJ Saturday program) this has allowed us to expand the Monday program to an additional site hosted at St. Magdalen’s  Church in Flemington where a Hispanic prayer group meets weekly.

Further conversation led to discussions regarding nutrition education programming at the new sites.

Both the YMCA and America’s Grow A Row see the programming continuing as an established produce distribution site.


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