The summer is racing by lickety-split (as the old saying goes) and so is our grant period in Lincoln Park.  We are nearing completion of our 1/2 mile walking path in Lynn Park.  It has not been a process without its hurdles though.  First, the snow caused delays in the initial start, and then the terrain itself presented its own set of challenges, from poor drainage areas to stubborn tree roots.  But, forge ahead we did!  We have used tons of pea gravel and man hours to complete the path.  We are planning an inaugural walk in September with our very young and spry Lincoln Park Seniors group!

rhododendronAt this point in time, we are planning the finishing touches to the path, having the plaque made to welcome our visitors, and selecting perennial plants and bushes to grace the woodsy setting.  A few benches will be installed for the weary traveler along the path to rest, or just rejoice in the beauty of nature!

Wolfson's MarketAs for our food environment survey, we have identified a partner to collaborate with on a corner store!  This is an ideal opportunity to use resources to help a segment of residents make healthier food choices.  Lincoln Park is a small community, tight-knit in many ways, and we all benefit when we work together.  Special thanks to Wolfson’s Market, specifically Wayne and Suzanne Wittenberg, on agreeing to partner with us in the future!

Allison Smith, RD, MPH

Allison Smith, RD, MPH

On a last sad and happy note, our talented and enthusiastic Allison Smith, RD, MPH, at ShopRite of Lincoln Park, is moving on to greener and much higher pastures!  She has accepted a position at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and will be moving there very soon!  We will miss her very, very much!  It is sad for us to lose such a talented and committed asset in Lincoln Park, but happy that she starts a new and exciting chapter in her life!  We wish you well Allison!!


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