“All Hands on Deck” “Horizon of Hope” (EOCDC) Community Garden

Amazingly when you look around the four corners of some municipalities there seems to be much improvement with the new businesses moving in and facade improvements being done to the existing structures.  What we, EOCDC (Soon to be “Horizon of Hope of the Oranges, A Family Care Center”) have noticed are the vacant lots throughout both cities (East Orange/Orange).  We have approached both cities with a request to use the city owned vacant lots and turn them into “community gardens”.  East Orange has committed to two  of their vacant lots and we are still awaiting a response from Orange.

“It is a great thing when the community comes together to work together for a good cause. A community garden is a great idea and helps the promote healthy eating. East Orange is proud to be a part of this venture.”, expressed Mr. Hobbs (City of East Orange-Manager CDBG)

We will begin with a small lot located on Ashland Avenue to start our “Community Garden” that involved the immediate community as well as our nutrition class students in the clean-up process. Everyone is so excited that they have begun tilling and plowing the area; collecting their seedlings (vegetables and fruit) and reaching out for fertilizer donations. Pics show the before condition of the lot. We will be sharing our before and after photos with you in the next couple of blogs.



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