It Takes a Village to Raise a Garden

It has been often said that it takes a village to raise a child. That statement may be true; however it also takes a village to raise a community garden.
Urban America as it is affectionately called often finds a patch of land to host a community garden. The city of East Orange took some time to look at where we could put a community garden that would best serve the community.
Before you can plant anything there is so much work that has to go into preparing the land. A few weeks ago, East Orange Public works came out and cleared the lot. They came back with a back hoe and cleared some dead tree limbs and other debris. A person would think ok let’s build the beds and start planting. STOP!!!

Plants and vegetables need water. On Saturday, another department of East Orange took center stage. Our water department lead by Chris Coke had to run a water line into the garden. This was not an easy task. Bob Leach, Odell Rolling, Mark Harper and Rafael Vazquez spent the better part of Saturday, digging a trench and connecting a water supply pipe, which will deliver water into our garden from our main in the street. They also had to build an outdoor faucet to make life easy for the gardeners.
A community garden is just that a community effort.

Before we can plant the “Village has to Raise the Garden”


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