Ropes and Hiking provide new opportunities to move in Verona

“Verona In Motion” is synonymous with the name Steve Neale. He has been an active partner, assisting with meeting the goals of our grant with a focus on nutrition and motion (exercise, positive movement with an emphasis on promoting health).

Steve worked with our intern to produce our, “Safe Routes to School Map” which also overlaps with Verona’s Sustainable NJ Project, Safe Routes action plan. Digitalizing the map made it available on the website as well as personal cell phones. He has been in charge of Verona’s social media, promoting the advertisement of grant related activities. His filming of our nutritional project enabled the Rainbow program to be placed on VTV, where young children could view it on their home TV or on the Township website.

Steve is the Chairman of Sustainable NJ, Verona’s Green Team. As such he has been moving Verona on a positive course including promotion of recycling and green projects. He was responsible for Verona’s first, “Green Fair” during which our nutritional and safe routes projects were highlighted along with healthy promotional displays which included exercise, gardening, cooking and energy saving exhibits to name a few.

An experienced hiker, Steve was instrumental in leading two successful family hikes on Verona’s Reservation trails. One of the hikes merged with the National Trails Day activity (created by the American Hiking Society) which resulted in a write up from the Governor’s office (NJ DEP). Sixty families participated in the successful hikes. As a result four hikes (one each season) will be added to the repertoire of recreational offerings in town. A couple’s sunset hike is also in the planning. New this summer season Steve is putting together the Town’s first Biathlon for grades 6-8, who participate in our Summer Adventure Camp program with plans to extend it to adults next year.

As the, “Ropes Course”, coordinator for Verona, Steve leads many groups through those exercises each year. He and our VMAC coordinator were instrumental in getting a low level course integrated into the fourth grade PE curriculum this fall as well. His expertise has also been an asset in establishing usage of the course in the recreation department, collaborating with the director on new opportunities for movement incorporating ropes elements and local hiking trails.

Partnering with Steve Neale has been a positive experience and has made the effort to bring the idea of, “Verona in Motion”, to the forefront. We are looking forward to collaborating on projects going forward keeping,“ Verona In Motion”.

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