Who Knew What it Would Take to Do a Community Garden

The idea of doing a community garden sounds great. However, who knew what it would take. Who knew the tools that would be needed to get the end result. Turn on the coffee pot, get a case of water, sharpen our pencils and get pads of paper. Wait open a window. A literature teacher once said fresh air helps open the mind and people think better. Is that true? I don’t know but it couldn’t hurt.
Sitting down with Master Gardner’s and watching them in action. Words start coming out – Propagation, Trellising, Remediation and NPK. the non-gardeners think remediation, is catching up. BUT; in gardening remediation means making the soil healthy; repairing it or getting the soil back to where it was. This has been a productive day. We have a rough design of the garden and items needed for SECTION “A” of the garden. Ok yes, there are four sections of the garden. By the way NPK= Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium the three nutrients required for anything to grow. Are we back in chemistry class? What does chemistry have to do with gardening? Master Gardner laughs and says everything. Like we all should have know that. Darn back in school again. Well school this time will be more fun and we all will be hands on.

Look at the time, lunch, 2 pots of coffee, a case of water and team here are the needs for our raised beds…

Section “A” Needs

16 – raised beds – 3’ wide x 9’ long x 11” deep
Each bed will require two courses of lumber connected at corners and mid-points to (6) 4”x4” posts. The posts will hold the sides/corners in place against weight of wet soil.
Each bed is lined on the bottom with hardware cloth (1/4 inch gauge) and landscape fabric
All (16) Beds are placed with 4’ clearance around sides to allow adequate space for people, tools, & equipment


Each bed requires 4 – (2x6x12) = four 9’ sides and four 3’ ends
Each bed requires 6 – 4”x4” posts cut at 10” lengths

TOTAL for all (16) raised beds = (48) 2x6x12
(8) 4x4x10
Other Materials

Each bed requires (40) lag bolts (length TBD)
27 sq. ft. of hardware cloth
27 sq. ft. of landscape fabric

TOTAL for all (16) raised beds = (640) lag bolts
432 sq. ft. hardware cloth
432 sq. ft. landscape fabric

Photo May 10 5 32 58 PM (3)


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