Harvest Time!

What an exciting time at National Park School! As we conclude another successful school year, we have been able to enjoy the fruits of our labor (or in this case, vegetables). In just a few short months an empty plot of land has been transformed into a thriving garden ripe for the picking. In collaboration with FoodCorps, our students have picked a variety of vegetables, including kale and swiss chard, and have learned how to use the veggies to make yummy snacks. Students will have opportunities to work in the garden over the summer and we will continue to harvest and store produce in order to share with the students in September. In addition, a beautiful fence has been added around the garden and the boro’s Garden Club is in the process of painting it. We are so excited about how much the garden has grown and how much our students have learned about eating healthy as a result!

We also continue to take steps towards increasing the physical activity of our students. This summer we will be installing two new crosswalks in order to implement a new arrival/dismissal procedure geared toward walking to school. We are planning out new incentives for our NP Steppers walking program and are excited about increasing foot traffic!


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