Success can be determined by the impact a project has or can have on a group of people over time.  Although the success of chronic disease prevention programs can not be determined immediately upon their administration, projected outcomes can be identified if the program is evidence based. In Atlantic City, the Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA and the NJPHK-AC (New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids Atlantic City) is utilizing the YMCA’s Healthy U Program to combat childhood obesity. The YMCA’s Healthy U Program aims to prevent childhood obesity through improved nutrition, increased physical activity, and parental involvement.

Currently, the Healthy U Program is being championed at Texas Avenue and Richmond Avenue Schools. Recently, the program has been expanded to New York Avenue School! The New York Avenue School Wellness Committee will be trained on their next Professional Development Day. The Wellness Committee consists of the school nurse, principal, PE teachers, and various staff members.

The Healthy Corner Store initiative is gaining ground in Atlantic City as the Healthy U program takes the school district by storm. The Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA and the NJPHK-AC has been vigorously scanning and soliciting local corner stores to make the necessary conversions to provide healthier food options for the residents of the communities they serve. By offering a variety of food options devoid of fats, sodium, and excess sugars, the fight against chronic disease would be impacted tremendously. This summer, staff will be tirelessly reaching out to targeted stores around schools and communities to make the biggest impact possible in the daily lives of those that use these grocers as the primary source in obtaining meals.NY Avenue School


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