Nutrition Education and Walking Path Enhancements Advance in Woodbridge

The official start of summer is almost here and the Woodbridge Team has made tremendous progress on both components of our ShapingNJ grant. In the Nutrition component the Registered Dietician visited the two selected food pantries a total of seven times.  In addition to standard food nutrition counseling she counseled 3 participants on a Diabetic Diet and 1 participant on Irritable Bowel Syndrome during her visits.  A My Plate lecture was also held with the Food Pantry’s volunteers.  Resource materials were placed in the grocery bags at selected food pantries including: Eat Healthy Be Active, The Super Cart, My Plate on a Budget, the Mayor’s Wellness Coalition Eat Smart Magnets and Recipes such as Tuna Casserole, Pea Soup and Mediterranean Chicken and White Bean Salad.  We also promoted the Woodbridge on Wellness Let’s Donate Healthy Food brochure at Township events during this time frame.

Our Walking Path progress has concentrated on finalizing the Walking Path brochure developed in cooperation with the Department of Planning and Development and Engineering Division of Public Works.  The Township Engineering Division is finalizing maps of all the walking paths with distance and location markers.  The distance markers will provide greater information to participating residents.  Health Educator, Fern Kulman developed and coordinated the completion and gathering of over 110 Walking Path assessment surveys completed by residents.  These surveys will help us gather important information on the community knowledge and needs for walking paths in the Township.  We are also looking forward to the Step into Fitness Middlesex County Greenway walk with Mayor John E. McCormac & the Mayor’s Wellness Coalition which is scheduled for June 16, 2015.  The walk will start at 6:00 pm at the Woodbridge- Edison Border (Dudash Park).  Hope to see you there!


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