Abundance of Fresh Produce – More Groups Benefit

IMG_3992 IMG_4071We continue promoting the produce distribution in Clinton not only by word of mouth and the signage outside the church during the time the program runs, but we have reached out to Sharon Holmsborg, RN Health and Nutrition Specialist from NORWESCAP Head Start and Early Head Start and she has distributed flyers to parents at their site in Washington Township.

In addition to distributing fresh produce each Monday we talk about different nutrition facts and give advice: healthy plate, learn to read read nutrition facts, portion control, recipes of produce we don’t know how to cook, plan meals ahead and refer participants to different organizations that can help in the area: food pantry, affordable dentist services, United Way, prescription discount opportunities. We also talk about the Y programs and services.  Just as or Flemington site evolved into a communication hub so has the Clinton site.

We also encourage participants to exercise more and participate in different activities in the area (e.g. Family Fun walks from the TIRO program of United Way).

43 people are registered.  We have an average of 10 participants weekly

Because we are sometimes left with an excessive amount of produce on Mondays, we provide produce to a praying Hispanic group at Saint Magdalen’s church where attendance varies between 25 to 40 participants a week.


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