A gardening we will go, a gardening we will go!

The YES Program of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen is excited for spring and better weather ahead. With the weather breaking we have been able to begin our preparation for our planting. Through our new collaboration with the Food Corps and New Brunswick Farmers Market the children have been enjoying a variety of weekly activities surrounding healthy eating, cooking, and gardening projects. The classrooms have been busy implementing these activities since March and they have been thoroughly enjoyed!

The planting has begun for our sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers with the help from our Food Corps friend, Ms. Reyes. Additionally, healthy snack activities were enjoyed by the children surrounding the discussion on vegetables. Participation has been at 100%. Information and feedback on the activities implemented will be collected once the classes begin to wrap up.

Thus far, the program has enjoyed the new partnerships and expanded focus on health and nutrition through our Healthy Families Community Day in April to our partnership with 4-H and the YMCA on healthy options and physical activity ideas. The excitement for this project has been overwhelming and staff have really worked as a team to enhance the education of the community and our families on this important topic.

The program continues to plan for upcoming activities focused around health and activity. Plans for a Father’s Day Healthy Breakfast in June, a Family Fitness Fun Night in July, and workshops surrounding preparing healthy lunches are some of the events being discussed.




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