Shaping Dover is on its way to make a difference in Dover. The Shaping Dover team along with volunteers has conducted more than 300 surveys up to date in order to assess the nutritional habits, the physical activity and needs of the Dover community. Moreover, we organized a very successful fitness workshop which will be conducted twice a month and expectantly weekly with the help of volunteers and personal trainers.

20150613_123444 Physical activities20150509_122812


On an even higher note our supportive Dover Health Department along with our team will be conducting their annual food handler’s course to which will be added a nutrition class in order to educate restaurant business owners as well as their cooks on proper food handling procedures in addition to healthier alternatives in regards to their food choices. A total of four courses will be conducted in the upcoming week. More than 100 restaurant business owners as well as corner store owners are expected to attend!


Training for Restaurant Owners and Cooks

We are still in the process of gathering surveys from the various organizations assisting us. Our partners have been great at allowing us to join in their various activities where we have collected surveys from a varied demographic of Dover residents. Volunteers have also conducted surveys at the local clinic and nursing homes.

We have come a long way in our efforts to make Dover aware of the value of proper nutrition and physical activity. This grant has allowed us to jump start our goal of having a healthier community. More work will be taken into account once Shaping Dover further evaluates the needs of the community.

20150528_190018 Surveying the Community of Dover


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