The Heat is On!

Summer is upon us and Grow It Green Morristown is out in our community teaching classes, hosting groups, and growing amazing produce at the Urban Farm and the Early Street Community Garden.  This kind of weather really gives us great energy and enthusiasm for our work – so the timing for completing our survey about our community’s access to fresh produce and exercise opportunities couldn’t be better!  People are outside, at the parks or walking through town and we know they’re starting to think about juicy, summer-fresh produce like sweet cherry tomatoes!  We want to hear what they have to say!

Working with our partners at Atlantic Health, the Neighborhood House and the Morristown Housing Authority, our survey is now complete, tested and translated into Spanish.  We’ve been working with our partners to gear up for the data collection process.  Determining when, where and how to ask people to take the survey has – in and of itself – been an interesting process.  For instance: When is the best time of day to collect data?  Are people more likely to stop in the afternoon when picking up children from childcare?  Or are they rushed to get their child and/ or then have child with them who might be a distraction?  Is it good to ask the seniors while they are sitting down for a meal? 

While the survey is comprehensive, we were also cautious not to make it too long – we wanted participants to answer thoughtfully without rushing.

Our goal is to survey 50 people who participate in programs at the Neighborhood House and 100 of people who live in housing operated by the Morristown Housing Authority.  To aid in this process, we are working with these agencies to coordinate the best times to collect data and will try to “thank” our participants by distributing a special coupon to anyone who takes the survey.


The coupon entitles the bearer to a “free farmer’s choice item” at our farm stand.  We hope this will not only serve as a possible incentive for people to take the survey but also to increase community participation at the stand – where we sell our own produce at prices that reflect our commitment to providing fresh, nutritious local food to everyone. The “freebie card” will have information about the hours of operation and information on how to find the Urban Farm.

We’re looking forward to a very productive month!


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