Hitting the Half Way Mark

There have been a few factors that have helped the health department carry out the strategies for the grant. This includes assistance from others in different organizations, meetings with grant developers to assess the progression of each person’s individual tasks, and support from community members. The biggest factor that has helped the development of the project as a whole was creating a timeline. Since the grant is composed of four unique strategies, a large number of tasks need to be done in order for each strategy advance further. With the grant period ending in mid September, events promoting each strategy have been spread throughout the summer. This allows those working on the grant to prioritize tasks based upon when the projects and events are supposed to occur. Even with a timeline in place however, there still have been some challenges. With a generally short time period for the grant, there is at least one major event occurring each month. Therefore, many tasks need to be completed each day and must also be done so based on priority. While prioritizing, it’s also important to keep up with other tasks that do not necessarily need to be completed right away. So when these tasks eventually move up the priority list, a portion of the grunt work has already been done. In order to combat these challenges, we’ve received much help from others in different organizations. For instance, Albert Krouse from the Warren County Planning Department has lent some of his time to help complete the pocket map guide for the Farmers Market Voucher Promotion program. His skills and expertise on map-making helped this portion of the grant move along faster. We are also looking into further promoting local businesses participating in the grant’s programs at this year’s county fair. The health department will be conducting health screenings for the public and as an incentive, there will be raffle prizes. Prizes will consist of gift certificates and produce baskets provided by local businesses participating in the Healthy Menu Options program and Farmers Market Voucher Promotion program. So come to the county fair and check out the health department’s table! Ask us more about the grant’s different strategies and ways to start improving your overall health!


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