May – National Bike Month!

May was National Bike Month and we celebrated with lots of Bike Education!


Building on our previous success we again partnered with Meadowlink TMA, Abraham Clark High School and the Grace Wilday Junior High School to conduct a Ride Rodeo Safe Cycling Event.  The event was open to the entire school district and has gotten more publicity outside of the Grace Wilday school itself.  We raffled off 5 more bikes, conducted a Fix-A-Flat clinic and ran a group of young cyclist through a series of skill building drills. Here riders demonstrate and practice a standard seated power start, standing start and yielding to other riders.



We also partnered with the Kindergarten Success Academy Trike-a-thon in Roselle.  There were many younger riders with their families on hand to learn about how to be safe on a bike and have fun.  We also included an impromptu Learn To Ride component for riders anxious to lose their training wheels!  Faculty, volunteers, Meadowlink TMA and THE GATEWAY FAMILY YMCA, worked together on a very well attended event on a Saturday morning.  There was lots of parent participation.  Relationships were strengthened and future Learn To Ride events planned.

Dr. Fisher

No more training wheels!

In May we conducted four Fix-A-Flat clinics throughout the community at a Street Fair, Health Fair, Car Show and YMCA event.  These clinics provide a great opportunity to teach people more about their bike works, improve rider confidence and help them feel more comfortable handling emergency situations.  These clinics lead to an open dialogue about riding in general are a great stepping stone to getting people out riding.

We also started conducting “Ride Right” community rides to teach how to ride in the road with traffic.  Fear of cars and traffic is the greatest obstacle to more people riding their bikes.  This topic comes up time and time again. Once riders have more knowledge and experience out on the road with how to best position themselves and approach different scenarios, their confidence grows and fears subside.




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