A Community Affair

What an amazing community we have surrounding us here in National Park! Since the inception of Project Greenway we have had the privilege of working hand-in-hand with community members like Annemarie Henry, Janet Butler, Jim Butler, K’Leen Cucugliello and Aimee Hart who have literally gotten their hands dirty with the students. We have had great support from Mayor Mark Cooper, Boro Administrator Josh Pitts and National Park Boro Employees Jimmy Walker, Jeff Baker, Jim O’Brien, Mike Girouard, Chuck Frew and Jeff Baker. And of course we continue to be so thankful for our relationship with Luanne Hughes at Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Brian Quilty at FoodCorps. These individuals have been instrumental in helping the fantastic staff of National Park School make Project Greenway such a success.

As we approach the summer months we are excited about the bounty that is sure to come from our garden. It will be a challenging time as we will need volunteers to help with the harvest. However, we have no doubt that volunteers will help our garden stay alive! We are looking forward to working with Cross County Connections to complete a community needs assessment. We will also have the much needed crosswalks installed near student dismissal locations to ensure safer passage home. A busy season for sure but an exciting time as we implement change!

A special congratulations to our logo contest winner 6th Grade student Steven Weller!



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