“Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying”

Our projected expansion of the walking path has been stalled by wetlands. Salem County features more than 34,000 acres of meadow and marshland including tidal and freshwater wetlands. The question of wetlands was raised from the “wet” condition  of the surveyed areas of the proposed walking path.  We are currently working with the engineers of the Salem County to have a official inspection of the land. We may need to apply for special permit to build on the protected area.  Unfortunately, the special permit process is slow and we may need to rework the plan.

The planned walking path is along the tree line of the park. It’s very scenic and beautiful.  The ideal location to walk and take in nature. According to the wetland map the wetlands begin in the tree line the tree line and the regulations require a 50 foot buffer zone. A visit to the park is planned for next week to scout out an alternative location to lay the walking path. Ideas for the  layout of the path are looping around the softball fields and soccer fields.

Our partners have been great with helping the Salem County Health Department with these challenges. We are proceeding forward with the expansion plans despite the wetland issues. Construction  of the path is planned to begin in June while the weather is still ideal to lay the asphalt. The bike racks and exercise equipment are expected to be delivered in July.

Positive press announcing our grant award.

Positive press announcing our grant award.


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