Westside Park Group, The Best-side Park Group!

The Westside Park Group is expanding and creating new partnerships!  The progress has been great and the efforts shine through.  School Number 5 in Paterson has sixty one raised garden beds for residents to grow their own produce.  “Elysian Fields” has expanded to include fruit trees and on Monday, May 18th, a water collection system will be assembled on the roof of an adjoining building.  The water will be available to the gardeners and surrounding community.  There are plans for a butterfly garden, stage for young performers and benches for those who wish to sit and take in all of the beauty!  Westside Park will be hosting “Step to the Plate” a 19th century baseball game on June 6th, 2015, the same day the new and improved walking path will be christened and the announcement made that the City of Paterson is now a part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.  The Hillcrest Community Garden is incorporating it’s expertise to resurrect its secondary garden in Westside Park as well.  One of our biggest success factors is the teamwork that exists amongst the Fourth and Inches Foundation, The Hillcrest Community Garden Group, The City of Paterson DPW, Historic Commission, Administration, New Jersey Youth Corps, City Green, Paterson Public Schools, School #5 and local residents. It’s truly awe inspiring.  The challenges are mostly those of logistics.  How to get things here and there and organized around everyone’s busy schedules.  The greatest part of the Westside Park Group is that everyone works together to deal with the challenges and work towards our common goals!

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In the time that I've worked for the City of Paterson I've seen Health Education go from treating to preventing! It's so much better to get people involved in "hands on" activities like gardening, walking and socializing!

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