Creating a Masterpiece

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

When Michelangelo viewed a block of stone, lump of clay or a blank canvas, he saw a masterpiece patiently waiting to unfold. Slowly, with every stroke of the brush or gentle chisel, the vision came out from hiding, and the Creation of Adam, David or Pieta was created.  Not that the Lincoln Park Health Department should compare itself to Michelangelo by any means, but when we see a pile of pea gravel, we see something beautiful waiting to happen. Featured image It will be more than a path….it will be a mother pushing a sleeping baby in a stroller on a warm summer day…it will be a runner committed to better health….or 2 friends riding bikes instead of playing video games. We see precious time together, a commitment to healthy living, and an enjoyment of the outdoors. The construction by the Lincoln Park Department of Public Works has finally started on the 1/2 mile path in Lynn Park and it is estimated to be completed in approximately 2 weeks if the weather cooperates.

Featured image

The other part of our ShapingNJ grant is also underway. We have started our food environment assessment in Lincoln Park in retail food stores. This is very exciting because it has already given us direction in partnering with Wolfson’s Market, a small local grocery store, and improving the knowledge and choices of its consumers! Our assessment will start looking at dining establishments next week with the hope they too will partner with us!  The  serendipitous result of receiving this grant, is the deepening partnerships within our small community.  We have been most fortunate to work with Shop Rite of Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Middle School, Lincoln Park Seniors and Montclair State University.  Our goal is to build on the momentum that has begun and build strong community partnerships dedicated to creating healthier choices.


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