Living Healthy…..Adding……..Here’s to Healthy Kids!!

As East Orange CDC is coming into the last weeks of the eight (8) week Nutrition Classes we are so proud of how well the participants and their families are doing with the healthy eating and healthy food preparation.  All of the participants have lost 5-10 pounds thus far and are ecstatic!  Imagine their thrill to learn EOCDChas reached out to the local YMWCA’s to include their children and our participants in fitness classes and activities as a part of this initiative.  They are also excited that all of their eligible children (ages 6-12) of our Nutrition Class participants will also be enrolled in our Summer Enrichment Program beginning in July for 6 weeks. The factors that helped EOCDC in preparing for and completing this project were, and in no particular order, the health benefits provided in making healthy eating choices; education in how to prepare and eat healthy foods and why exercise and healthy eating combined are important tools to shaping a healthy you. There are no challenges! Everyone is open to being the best they can be! Our partnerships with the local farmers markets and gardens, CFBNJ and Supermarkets as well as the other organizations and health groups we have had the pleasure of meeting through this grant have been a great help and wonderful resources.






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