Good People + Good Communication = Success!

The factors which helped me with my project were the people involved. They lent their expertise and helped me with the grant process as well as the projects.

Challenges experienced had to do in part with time management. Getting persons involved with the project together in a timely manner in order to reach deadlines. Timing of presentations, printing of materials for presentations and formation of new materials were dependent upon people who also had other obligations which interfered with the process. There were personnel changes as well. Word press continues to be a challenge.

To overcome challenges it was important to keep in touch on a regular basis with contributors. Daily E-mails as well as phone contact became a regular part of communication. Chief Huber (Verona Police Dept.) Steve Neale (sustainable, NJ chair and our tech person) were instrumental along with intern Ashley Eagan to produce our , “Safe Routes to School map”. Steve Neale assisted with blogs and to do video programs. Erica Abruzzese , Health Educator from Montclair was a valuable resource for the nutritional presentation to preschoolers. A local resident is illustrating our booklet, “Take Me For A Walk Please”, to empower children to get their parents up and walking. Using local talent is helpful on many levels. VERONA Takemeforawalkfinalforprint_Page_01Our Recreation Director, Jim Cunningham also contributed to our family hikes. Relationships with printers we have worked with on other projects also helped.





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