Working Partners in Bloomfield

We are so excited to be working with nursing student interns from #WilliamPatersonUniveristy @wpunj_edu at the #WPUnursing school.  Our Nursing Department @bloomfieldHDNJ regularly takes in nursing interns, and we were fortunate enough to have Sara Jarri, Adrian Nwosu, Christopher Balbin, and Samuel Arana work with us on the #Healthy Store Initiative.  While they are working on a project for school, they will also be working with Fairview and Carteret Elementary Schools in Bloomfield.

Carteret Elementary School in Bloomfield NJ

Carteret Elementary School in Bloomfield NJ

Fairview Elementary School in Bloomfield NJ

Fairview Elementary School in Bloomfield NJ

The interns have put together a proposal with the objective of increasing awareness of the students to the benefits of healthy food choices and how to recognize healthy foods and unhealthy foods.  They have compiled a photo presentation for the 5th grade in each school that explains how the Healthy Food Initiatives will work in their respective corner stores participating in the program.  Incentives will be introduced specifically to the 5th graders, but information about the program will be sent home so all students and families can participate.  The rationale behind focusing on the 5th graders had to do with the fact that they will be returning to the school and will hopefully carry on the tradition of buying wholesome snacks for school.

In conjunction with The Department of Public Works and The Recreation Department for Bloomfield, we have installed the bike racks at Pulaski Park and Brookside Park in Bloomfield.


Just in the nick of time, with the weather catching up to the time of year.  We’ll get there eventually.  Happy Biking Bloomfield.


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