Partners in Better Health

Our coalition is made of Jeff Ridgeway – Director of Salem County Public Works, Steven Schalick – Supervisor of Salem County Public Works, George Bradford- Mayor/Oldmans Township Municipality, Mary Blithe-Health Educator and Public Health Nurse, Jill Sheppard – Director of Health Education and Emergency Preparedness, and Kathy Massey – Office of Disabilities Services.

2015Proposed Walking Path

The Salem County Department of Health and Human Services promotes healthy changes throughout Salem County through speaking engagements, exercise programs, preventive health screenings, education, and wellness clinics. Jeff Ridgeway and Steven Schalick take care of our county parks and have experience with the construction process with the initial walking path. Mary Blithe and Jill Sheppard provide health education to the community. Kathy Massey coordinates and provides services to the disabled residents of Salem County. The We, Can! campaign targets our disabled residents to be active in our walking group. Salem County has a very large disabled population about 20% and the walking path at the Salem Recreation Site is an ADA path. Oldmans Township Municipality supports this project because of the need of a safe outlet for physical activity in Oldmans Township.


Salem County Health Department Intern Jess Marich measuring the new path.


Our allies outside of the coalition are essential to the success of the expansion of the walking path and the further improvements planned for the park. These allies include Penns Grove-Carneys Point Men’s Softball League for working with us to provide menu labeling and healthy options at the concession stand.  The promotion of the walking path by our allies at the Memorial Hospital of Salem County, The Oldmans Township PTA, and Boston Associates Rehabilitation is essential to improving the healthy behaviors and ultimately improving our health outcomes in Salem County.


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