Shaping Dover

Through the Shaping Dover initiative, key partners have been identified to be part of our goal to promote healthy eating habits in our Dover community.   Restaurant owners are a major element of support for our objective.  A plan was created in order to reach out to local restaurants business owners who have answered positively towards our initiative. Business owners were visited and invited to various meetings where they could learn the idea behind Shaping Dover. Moreover, business owners or their representatives such as their cooks will also learn how to manufacture healthier options for their customers.

The Dover community has responded with great support towards our objective. While restaurants owners will help implement our objective we have partnered with great agencies, organizations and community leaders in our area. These partners include:  Zufall Health Center, Berkeley College; Get To It Program, ADP Insurance Agency, Little Peoples Academy, Norwescap Early Head Start, Henry O. Baker Insurance Agency, Head Start Community Program of Morris County, Dover Rotary Club, Statewide Parents Advocate Network, and Dover Lions Club. Also, interns from William Paterson University, and volunteers from our Family Success Center agency have been contacted to support in the assessments and any other activities conducted.

In addition to these great partners, we are pleased to have the support of decision makers in our community such as James Dodd, Major of Dover; Susan Downer, Health Inspector of the Town of Dover, and Claudia Choto, Nurse of the Town of Dover. The major is eager to assist and facilitate any of the towns’ resources currently available such as the official town newsletter. The Health Department of Morris County was also contacted and together a plan is being developed to encourage business owner to complete our nutrition courses.

Shaping Dover is being created with a strong foundation and help of community leaders. Having partners who care about proper nutrition, increase in physical activity and expectantly a change in the lifestyle of our community will make our initiative successful.

At our last Shaping Dover meeting. 20150331_113437 20150331_113706At our last Shaping Dover meeting.


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