We Love Our Westside Park Group!

The Westside Park Group is excited to announce that we’re on Twitter (@WestsideParkGroup) and Instagram as well as Facebook (The Westside Park Group)!  Please tweet us, like us, follow us and share our events and information.


On April 18th we’ll be having a clean-up day at School #5 site of Elysian Fields.  We’ll also be making more raised beds and working with the City of Paterson to “Slam Dunk the Junk” in Pennington Park.  On the 25th of April we’ll be cleaning up the JFK Spirit Garden and the area surrounding it in Westside Park.  All this is being done in preparation for May planting and the June 6th “Step to the Plate” old time baseball game in Westside Park


There will be guided tours of the park and its historic sites, as well as a tour of the Van Houten house (Paterson’s oldest and site of the Athlete’s Hall of Fame) and the gardens. In the future a garden reflective of the 1600’s will be planted!


The great part about the group is that we didn’t have to go out and identify potential partners, they came to us!  Participating in community events and talking about our “vision” seems to be the magnet that brought everyone together.  The “Fourth and Inches Foundation” with Larry Hilton, Jr. initially started the resurrection of the community garden.  After that the DPW, Kennedy High School’s Green Club, the Paterson Historic Commission, New Jersey Youth Corps, City Green, School #5, members of the Paterson City Council and administration all joined in the efforts.

The Westside Park Group is looking forward to a productive season and many more opportunities to get everyone out and moving! As well as enjoying healthy produce, socializing and just enjoying the great outdoors!


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