Verona connects partners for healthy living

How we identified and recruited potential partners was fairly easy as we have been partnering with different organizations or sharing services with other townships. The areas of focus with this grant were discussed with several and those who felt they had something to offer came on board. There were some partners who were contacted with ideas on how they could lend their expertise to the projects.

Key partners include Sustainable Verona Chairperson Steve Neal, who is also our tech person. He has provided valuable assistance in the area of tech support and aligned us with Sustainable goals and objectives as well.

Erica Abruzzese who is the Health Educator for Montclair Health Department has assisted with the nutritional portion of the program and lent her personal expertise as a Health Educator.

Chief Huber from the Police Department has lent his expertise in the development of our, “ Safe Routes to School Map”. VERONA Safe Routes Map ENLARGEDBEST (4)

Key Volunteer organizations include:

Verona Municipal Alliance

Verona Junior Women’s Club

Verona Volunteer Fire Dept.

The volunteer organizations will be on board at a later time to (weather clearing) to promote our, “Walks”. Our Family Hike is scheduled for May 2nd.

Key community decision-makers are the Township Manager and Community Center Coordinator.



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