Getting the ball rolling!

Encouraging healthy eating habits and becoming more active while encouraging a sense of community unity is the main focus of the grant all together. There are so many things in the world that makes our day so busy. Whether it’s work, school, or anything in between, it’s hard to remember to keep track of the number one priority, our own personal health. Creating events and programs that encourage healthy living through outlets the community engages in will hopefully be the start to a healthy change.

Right now the Warren County Health Department is in the beginning stages with each strategy, but much has been done. Even though right now its mainly just meeting, speaking with vendors, creating information packets, and coming up with rough drafts, the bigger picture is still in mind. After speaking with a few restaurant owners, they seemed to be very interested in the Healthy Menu Options Program and excited to get the ball rolling. By the end of the grant period, the goal is to have at least six restaurants participating in the program. For the Mayors Wellness Campaign, there are currently eight municipalities who have already signed the pledge. Hopefully we can double that number to make sixteen and also come up with some original events and activities that no other town has done before.

In regards to the Farmers Market Promotion, the intended end product is a pocket guide map. The map would include the address and pinned location, a list of what produce is sold at each vendor, what items are in season, and which vendors accept government issued vouchers. As an added bonus, the map would be small enough to fold into your pocket! In order to get all these programs and events known to the public, we hope to revamp our social media platforms and really get involved with the community. We want to utilize our social media accounts so that there is a constant flow of communication between the health department and those we serve. Knowing and understanding the concerns and interests of local residents will help the department get a better grasp on the community as a whole.

Since the grant is currently at the development stages, you can expect a lot more to cultivate and progress. So stay tuned!


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