MAPLEWOOD is developing a bike path that will connect Memorial Park and Meadowland Park, the road to developing this vibrant addition to our community lead us to identify and recruit potential partners by staging a presentation on “Improving Bike Safety in Maplewood” which outlined our goals and objectives to the community.  This presentation was met with great interest and enthusiasm by the community.

The keynote partner organizations are a collaborative representation involving the whole community. One of the centerpieces of the Health Neighborhoods Initiatives is the Maplewood Loves Wellness committee. Established in 2012 the Maplewood Loves Wellness partners with public libraries, adult school, school district, South Mountain YMCA, Maplewood police Department, Green Team, Freewalkers, East Coast Greenway and local business.

Our volunteers are an essential element to this project! They are active and energetic members of the community that are excited about introducing physical activity through cycling. Our volunteers hope to put Maplewood in motion by increasing safety, protection and bicycle maintenance education to the youth of Maplewood.

Maplewood recognizes that building healthy surroundings for our community is not something that can be led by one individual or organization alone. It is a collaborative effort that must involve the entire community.

The key community decision-makers involved are Deputy Mayor Kathy Leventhal, Keith Knudsen, Director of Recreation and Judy LoBianco Supervisor of Health, Physical Education and Nursing in SO/MSD.

BIKE SAFETY and MAINTENANCE EVENT – Get your bike ready for spring! Wednesday, April 15th at 3:30PM in Memorial Park, at the Skate House on Oakview Road. Sponsored by Maplewood Loves Wellness.


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