Walking by High Mountain and really, anywhere else in the Northeast…….I came across a strange green, textured natural material that hasn’t been seen since November.  Yet, I’m not getting too comfortable since more snow is getting dumped on us today and tomorrow.  It might be a few more days until I see it again….

Anyhow, I am happy to say that we are moving along with our trailhead improvements.  By chance, I had a meeting with members of William Paterson University, The Nature Conservancy, and the NY/NJ Trail Conference.  The meeting was regarding the High Mountain trails and potential cleanups, but I saw an opportunity to explain this great program to them to try and gather some additional support.  SUCCESS!  Who knows, this may open us up to more opportunities in the future.  Once I have the list of potential improvements from members of the NY/NJ Trail Conference on what would work best at the Red Trail entrance (and once the snow melts…again)  we will begin the physical work to apply those agreed upon enhancements.

Wayne Township’s Health Department is meeting with the health educator from Chilton Hospital next week to discuss the healthy food audit that will be performed in and around William Paterson University and its surrounding food businesses.  We anticipate starting the survey in the next couple of weeks.

Good luck to everyone with their projects.  Things should start ramping up now that the good weather is here…….


Well, almost here…….


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