YMCA Encouraging Healthy Perth Amboy Teens

Over the last 6 weeks, every Saturday from 7pm-10:30pm, we opened our doors to the neighborhood teens.  ALL Perth Amboy teens are welcome, not just Y members, as we wanted to ensure every local teen had access to exercise and a safe environment where they could thrive.

We have seen the attendance at our Teen Center nights more than double each week!  As the word gets out to the community, more and more teens are taking advantage of this great opportunity to come together just for the sake of exercise and of course FUN!  The teens are lining up in front of our building at 6:30pm waiting to utilize the gymnasium, weight room, athletic training center, aquatics and dance/exercise studios.  Last week’s Teen Center night brought in 300+ neighborhood teens to our facility.  We are so pleased to offer over 300 community teens the opportunity to exercise!

Teen Center night is helping to foster a sense of belonging with the community teens.  The first time they attend a Teen Center night, they join a 30 min session to learn about the facility and how it is “their place” as long as they respect it, and each other.  We want them to feel the Y is their home away from home, to incorporate exercise into their daily lives and create a sense of pride and accomplishment when they care for their community assets.

They come to Teen Center nights for exercise and leave with friendships, stronger interpersonal skills and a sense of belonging.  Our hope is that it also creates a big impact on their overall health.

To learn more about our Teen Center, please follow us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/RBAYMCA

RETURNING SOON!!  Community Garden and Farmer’s Market

SAVE THE DATE: April 25th Healthy Kids Day

Photos courtesy of Jack Heidelberger


Our Sports Director, Louis Quinones working with first-time Teen Center attendees

teen99 teen100 teen101 teen102 teen103 teen104 teen105

Whether baseball, basketball, dance, weights or just walking the track, the teens take full advantage of THEIR NIGHT at the Raritan Bay Area Y!

teen29  teen31   teen34 teen35 teen36 teen37  teen39 teen40 teen41 teen42  teen44 teen45 teen46  teen48  teen50 teen51 teen52 teen53 teen54 teen55 teen56 teen57 teen58 teen59 teen60 teen61 teen62 teen63  teen65   teen68 teen69 teen70 teen71 teen72   teen76 teen77  teen79 teen80 teen81  teen83 teen84 teen85 teen86  teen88 teen89  teen91  teen93  teen95 teen96 teen97


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